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Our Values

We want you to be delighted with your purchases from, so we take some time preparing them before we send them out to you.

All of our track is cleaned, the rails are polished to remove any tarnishing, and every piece is fully tested for connectivity before we send them out.  Digital pieces are checked to make sure all the changeovers function correctly, powerbases are checked to make sure every controller socket works - we will only send out items that we would be happy to receive ourselves.

All of our cars are checked and fixed where necessary before listing.  We run them around our test track to ensure that they work correctly and fit new braids where required.  Digital Cars are checked to ensure the lane changing functionality works correctly.  

If a repair is beyond our capability, those items are listed in our Spares and Repairs section, with details of what works, and what doesn't.

We use hi resolution images from a number of angles, so that you can see the details of what you're buying.  Pictures of track are our own stock images and are indicative of the quality of items you will receive - our track is not brand new (unless otherwise stated), and there will be some signs of prior use, but the track will be clean, and the rails will be polished as stated above.

For pictures of Cars, these will be of the actual item you will receive.  We take photos from seven angles so that you can see exactly what you will be getting.  Please study the photographs carefully to ensure you are happy with the condition of the car before purchasing.